Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Lehigh Valley Zoo

The Lehigh Valley Zoo has been receiving a lot of press lately, because of it's fight, and subsequent win for State financial aid to keep running.

I guess because of this, the zoo has been on my mind lately. So, last Saturday my family and I went there. In my mind, the zoo is a warm weather activity, but surprisingly, it was a fun cold weather day, too! During the off season, adult tickets are discounted to $6.50 - instead of their in season $9.50 price. Plus, The 2009 Lehigh Valley Easy Pages (one of the many phone books we all receive!)had four coupons for a free child admission with the purchase of an adult admission. This meant my family of four toured the zoo for just $13!

A few of the exhibits were closed because the animals could not tolerate the cold weather, but most exhibits were opened. As usual, the River Otters were active and playful, and were my kids favorite part (ok, my favorite, too!)


  1. Great Blog. Keep up the great work. I will put a post on the save the lv zoo facebook page that has 3000 members about your blog. Also, visit the LVCVB blog for lots of chatter on what to see and do in the valley.

  2. Thanks, LV Rainmakers! I'm actually a member of that FB group, so I'll look for your link on it. I appreciate it.