Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday's at The Allentown Art Museum

Today the girls and I spent the afternoon at the Allentown Art Musuem

The Museum has free admmission on Sundays. They also have a program called Artventures which is a free Family drop-in art workshop. The project rotates monthly. Using one of the art pieces they have on display as inspiration, they provide art materials and suggestions to create your own piece of art. On the 2nd floor, in addition to the workshop area (sponsored by Crayola) they have an entire kids area which features rotating art displays, art books, blocks, puzzles and other areas where art can be created.

Today the girls and I worked on an abstract piece meant to give the feeling of winter. We also worked on a paper collage.

The above is my youngest's collage made to represent a penguin wearing a skirt.

Although the children's area was my girls favorite place to be, we did spend some time wandering through the exhibits and admiring some of the art work.

All in all, it took up about 2 hours of our Sunday. A nice, FREE family outing!

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