Monday, January 30, 2012

Suburban Organics

It's very important to me to feed my family healthfully.  I try to provide organic produce and meats as much as possible.  Because organic is often more expensive than conventionally farmed produce, I've searched extensively for ways to save money on these products.  Last spring, when I came across Suburban Organics via a Groupon offer I thought it was worth a try.

I was honestly thrilled.  Not only did it seem that their prices were below that of our local grocery stores, the assortment available, quality and flexibility of the program really impressed me.  Unlike other organic delivery programs I looked into, they did not require you to sign up for an extended amount of time.  You could choose to receive a delivery every week or every other.  They had four sizes of boxes to choose from, and you could choose all veggies, all fruit, or a combo of both.  Plus, each week they post what will be in the box.  If it has something you don't like, you can make substitutions.  My aversion to grapefruit and parsnips?  I never have to get stuck with them!  Another plus is that they purchase from local farmers whenever possible, which is important to me.

And the quality?  Well, I'll confess, for the past few weeks we've been getting these incredible apples.  When I open the box on Friday night the first thing I do is stash the apples where my kids can't see them.  That way they are all mine!  Overall, we've been very happy.  Just once, during the summer, I received a red pepper with an icky mushy spot.  So I emailed them, and they credited my account for the cost of the pepper.  Way easier than if I had accidentally grabbed a bad pepper at the grocery store - and who hasn't done that while shopping with an unruly preschooler?

Now for the REALLY GOOD NEWS!  If you are interested in trying Suburban Organics yourself, they have offered my readers $10 off their first order!  Just enter "Lehigh Valley Savers" into the discount code field when signing up.  Now, before ordering, it is important that you check that they deliver to your area - deliveries go to many parts of PA, NJ and DE.  So be sure to check that your zip code is in their delivery area. To do so, click HERE .   Keep in mind, this offer is only good till 7/31/2012.  So try it out soon!

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